Kindle 2 gets more game, Kindle 1 gets more wrinkles

Ross Miller
R. Miller|08.03.10

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Kindle 2 gets more game, Kindle 1 gets more wrinkles
Sure, Jeff Bezos may be keen on keeping Kindle a "purpose-built reading device" (for now, at any rate), but that doesn't mean you can't have a little multimedia fun, right? Amazon has published two diction-centric games, Shuffled Row and Every Word, free of charge and available now for delivery via Whispernet. Both involve word creation -- the former with 60 disposable letters and the latter with six or seven reusable tiles à la Scramble -- and neither seem to be available for the Kindle 1. Second-generation and DX owners seem to be playing without issue, but the most faithful of early adopters? You just got another reason to upgrade -- a minor one, yes, but it very well could be a sign of Things to Come.
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