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Samsung's 3D gala: 65-inch UN65C8000, 50-inch PN50C490, and BD-C8000 eyes-on

Samsung's 3D gala: 65-inch UN65C8000, 50-inch PN50C490, and BD-C8000 eyes-on
Joanna Stern
Joanna Stern|August 11, 2010 3:31 PM
Earlier today, Samsung pulled the curtain off (quite literally, might we add) its newest 3DTVs and the world's first portable 3D Blu-ray player at its New York City press conference. We were able to slap on a pair of the 3D specs and spend a bit of time staring at the (admittedly amazing) 65-inch LED 3DTV, the fairly mediocre sub-$1,000 720p 3DTV as well as form some early impressions of the Blu-ray player. We've got you covered with some pictures below, but mosey on past the break to check our two pennies on each of the new products. %Gallery-99232% %Gallery-99233%
  • Samsung UN65C8000 - The 65-inch Samsung LED UN65C800 is as close as you can possibly get to putting a 3D movie theater in your living room. Save for HDI's 100+-inch masterpiece, that is. We put on a pair of Samsung's 3D glasses and were just blown away at the impressive experience and the crispness of the image -- even if it was Shrek! Hardware wise, the incredibly slim, silver set is pretty much identical to the version we saw at CES earlier this year. Oddly, the UN65C800 on display at the event wasn't running Samsung's Apps, but it is supported. Now we just need to come up with the $6,000 to get this thing into our apartment!
  • Samsung PN50C490 - The biggest question we had with the sub-$1,000, 50-inch PN50C490 was whether the 720p resolution makes a real, noticeable difference when watching 3D content. The answer in our short viewing period is "yes." Compared to the $1,600, 1080p PN50C680, which was on display right next to it, we could see that the 3D images on the more expensive set were crisper and clearer. And we weren't the only ones at the event sharing that sentiment. We guess that's not all that surprising, but is paying an extra $600 for 1080p 3D worth it? We'd probably say so, but ultimately that's going to be up to you.
  • Samsung BDC800 - The $499 portable Blu-ray player looks quite a bit like a netbook from afar, but up close you can clearly make out that the deck of the device houses a slot for Blu-ray and 3D Blu-ray Discs. The 10.3-inch, non-3D display is super glossy, as are the touch sensitive controls for controlling the interface. The little device also runs Samsung's 'Apps' service, which could turn the WiFi-equipped clamshell into an Internet TV device with the preloaded Hulu and Netflix programs. Samsung didn't have the BDC800 hooked up to a 3D HDTV, so regrettably we weren't able to see how it manages 3D Blu-ray playback.
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