Philips' Android-powered GoGear Connect PMP seemingly on sale overseas

Darren Murph
D. Murph|08.16.10

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Philips' Android-powered GoGear Connect PMP seemingly on sale overseas
We suppose it could always be a glitch of some sort, but Argos isn't typically the kind of retailer to add products to its library with no intention of hawking them. First spotted back in February (with a pleasing dose of steroids, might we add), Philips' newest GoGear Connect is ditching the proprietary OS in favor of Google's alternative, following Samsung's Yepp-YP-MB2 into the mysterious world of Android-based PMPs. The product listing shows the 3.2-inch media player as boasting Android 2.1, 16GB of internal storage space, a battery good for 5 hours of video playback (and 25 hours of audio), FM radio tuner, a touchpanel and a microSD expansion slot. Curiously enough, GPS is also thrown in, as are a set of presumably lackluster headphones. It's listed for a scarily inflated €264.99 ($340), but mum's the word on an international release -- 'course, it's not like Philips hasn't ignored North America before, so we'd recommend not holding your breath.

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