Resident Evil 5's Move patch available September 19

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Resident Evil 5's Move patch available September 19
Capcom clarified today at Gamescom that the Resident Evil 5 patch that introduces Move functionality will be available on September 19 (the same day Move launches). As previously mentioned, the automatically downloaded patch will only be available for the Gold Edition of the game. If you live in Italy or Spain you didn't get a "gold edition," but Capcom is releasing Resident Evil 5: Move Edition in those countries.

A Capcom representative also let us know that folks playing together will be able to play co-op online or offline with any supported controller configurations (a Move and Navigation Controller pair can play alongside a DualShock 3, for instance). The Move controls (and all the other control options) will be available in the main story, Mercenaries and bonus episodes.
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