Windows Phone 7's short-term future includes phone-to-console gaming, Twitter?

At this point you'd think we covered almost every nook and cranny of Windows Phone 7, from games and UI to a launch device or six, but of course there's a few dust balls of info our swiffer of newsgathering has yet to grab up. Microsoft Canada's Greg Milligan has revealed at a recent Xbox 360 event. The big takeaway is future plans for phone-to-console gaming. While suggesting an initial use would be companion games that bring enhancements to full 360 titles (our first thought is how both a web game and Arcade casino title directly tied into Fable 2), he says it's something they are "absolutely" working on for the "near future" -- likely initially through WiFi only due to network speed sensitivities. "Near future," on that note, is a lot sooner that the impression we got at the recent hands-on, but in either case, we won't believe it until we see it with our own eyes.

In news that won't directly affect your gamer score, Twitter, which has been noticeably (and annoyingly) absent from our time with the device, Milligan had this to say: "Twitter is not part of the base platform, but we're working closely with a number of software developers to make sure we have a twitter experience... on or very shortly after launch." Some on the staff are divided whether or not this implies full integration or just some third-party apps, but let's be hopeful for the former, aye? Video interview after the break.