Sony launches six new DVRs, all write to BDXL and play back in 3D

Sony launches six new DVRs, all write to BDXL and will play back in 3D

Well, Sony is a little late to the party on this one, two days behind Panasonic announcing six new BDXL-writing DVRs. But, the company is definitely still on the BDXL bleeding edge, announcing its own suite of six devices, ranging from 320GB to 2TB of internal storage and all but one offering dual tuners. When those tuners have filled that storage they can all write to 100GB BDXL discs, which we'll remind you one more time are not backwards compatible with current Blu-ray players. Finally, all six of them support 3D playback, because if you're already jumping on the BDXL bandwagon you surely have your 3D HDTV well and truly dialed in by now. Sony isn't saying just how much these six will cost, but the premium model with 2TB of storage ships in Japan on September 25. For the rest you'll have to wait until October 22.