iTerm 2 in early development

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TJ Luoma
September 2nd, 2010
iTerm 2 in early development

Power users of the command-line are no doubt familiar with iTerm, the free replacement terminal application. iTerm has been the go-to alternative for people who wanted tabbed windows and other advanced features.

Development of iTerm has been fairly slow and irregular. The initial release was back in 2002 and the 0.10 release is almost a year old. A look at the version history shows very little has happened since 2006.

A "fork" of the project is now available on Google Code and goes by the name iterm2. The current version, labeled "Alpha 6" was just released yesterday. On the surface it looks pretty much the same, until you get into the bookmarks, preferences, and profiles which have been completely rewritten.

Thanks to TUAW reader Nikola Knezevic for sending this in!

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