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Apple sucks at Photoshop too

Apple sucks at Photoshop too
Vlad Savov
Vlad Savov|September 6, 2010 3:32 AM
Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the new fourth-generation iPod touch: it's so much like an iPhone that it has a Phone app (wait, what?). Better yet, if you do a Spotlight search on it, it'll return results from a messaging app it's not supposed to have. How's that for value? This would all be a great big enigmatic mystery if we weren't ourselves familiar with the practice (and pitfalls) of splicing disparate images into unholy creations. Well, at least now Microsoft isn't alone in making self-published Photoshop gaffes.

P.S. -- There's one more misplaced app on this magical device, but we'll let you figure it out for yourself!

[Thanks to everyone who sent these in]

Update: Apple's now finally rid itself of the ignoble image above, but the ones below remain.