InputDynamics makes dumbphones smarter with tap-to-touch tech

Sean Hollister
S. Hollister|09.12.10

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InputDynamics makes dumbphones smarter with tap-to-touch tech
You can't afford a proper QWERTY keyboard on your phone, much less a expansive multitouch slate. What to do? Well, if a UK startup named InputDynamics has its way, you'll just tap on any surface of your handset. The company's developed a piece of software called TouchDevice that uses a phone's embedded microphone to analyze the acoustics inside, reacting to your finger's impact on the surface with a touchscreen-like input on the device. New Scientist reports that's not all, as the algorithms can also be fine tuned for detect scratches and swipes for scrolling and zoom, and the company's in talks with "tier-one handset manufacturers" to license the program even as we speak. You'll forgive us if we're a bit skeptical, though -- if this truly requires only software and works on any surface, why not release an app to tap the backs of our Droids, BlackBerrys and iPhones?
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