Nokia C6-01 hands-on redux: if this is recycled metal, count us in

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|09.14.10

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Nokia C6-01 hands-on redux: if this is recycled metal, count us in
When we saw the C6-01 in the flesh for the first time earlier today, we'd thought the matte black rear end was cheap plastic -- this is the budget phone of today's introductions, after all -- but on a follow-up visit this afternoon with an untethered silver example, it turns out that the back is actually part of the phone's recycled metal shell (we found out when our ring clanked against it). In fact, when we were able to handle the phone without a massive security mechanism glued to the back, we were really impressed with how the phone feels; subsidized price is going to be key, of course, but if they can keep it pegged to the budget range they seem to be targeting, it'll be pretty remarkable considering the high-tech AMOLED display and the general lack of plastic. It's really small compared to its bigger siblings (check the gallery for some good comparison shots) but still feels weighty -- "high quality" weighty, not "this is going to be annoying to carry" weighty -- and that always works wonders for the perception of a mobile device's quality. The million dollar question: would we buy it? Over a C7, quite possibly, but we're thinking the E7's wiles are still a bit much for the power-drunk maniacs here on the team.
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