Verizon to announce Samsung Galaxy Tab on Thursday?

We pretty much assumed this would go down at Samsung's event on Thursday, but now we've got more confirmation Verizon will indeed carry the Samsung Galaxy Tab -- check out this leaked screenshot from the employees-only VZWeb system. Details are light, but it looks like Froyo and Flash 10.1 will be preinstalled along with "a number of exclusive apps" to differentiate it from the rumored versions coming to AT&T and Sprint -- we'd say Skype fits the bill quite nicely here, as does the thanks-for-telling-us-it-costs-$10-per-month NFL Mobile app with live game streaming and the RedZone channel. Unfortunately, it sounds like we'll have a bit of a wait for pricing and availability details, which will be released "over the coming weeks," and that's really all we want to know -- if this thing requires a two-year contract we're thisclose to calling it a dud out of the gate. We'll see, we'll see -- Thursday's only two days away.