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3M Shoot 'N Share does just that: shoots 720p, shares with its built-in pico

Joanna Stern
J. Stern|09.16.10

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3M Shoot 'N Share does just that: shoots 720p, shares with its built-in pico
3M may have snuck out two pico projectors for the guy in the boardroom yesterday, but its latest handheld is clearly designed for after-hour usage. Figuring it can leverage its projector roots and jump right on into the camcorder / camera side of things, the company's Shoot 'N Share packs a 5 megapixel sensor that can capture 720p MP4 video as well as take stills. Once you're done recording, you can tap the capacitive projector button and display it on the wall (or in our style, on someone's forehead). We figured with only 14 lumens of brightness it would be fairly dim, but some recorded video was actually bright enough to make out in a fairly light room. However, it only projects at 640 x 480, though we guess for $299 we didn't expect much more. The projector... er, camera, has a microSD card slot and HDMI jack on its edges, but it's definitely chunkier than we'd like. Hit the shots below to decide for yourself and the press release after the break for a few extra details. %Gallery-102474%
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ST. PAUL, Minn. (September XX, 2010) – What do you get when you combine a movie theatre with a film production studio, all in a pocket-sized, portable package? The new 3M Camcorder Projector Shoot 'n Share. The latest addition to the award-winning 3M family of pocket projectors, the Shoot 'n Share gives people the ability to shoot – and instantly share – high definition video virtually anywhere.

"In the past, if people shot home videos, they would have to first upload and then e-mail or post them to a social networking site in order to share with friends and family," said Mark Colin, vice president, 3M Mobile Interactive Solutions Division. "With the Shoot 'n Share, we've combined the power to create with the ability to project the video so people can create and instantly share their memories."

The Shoot 'n Share allows users to capture and project hi-definition video against any flat surface at 15 lumens brightness and VGA resolution. The Shoot 'n Share also has a MicroSD card slot so users can archive footage, or even project still or moving images captured with a different device.

Available optional accessories are an adapter cable for Apple® products, component video cable, remote control, and car charger, and are sold separately.

The 3M Shoot 'n Share will be available beginning in October from amazon.com and shop3m.com with an estimated price of $299. For more information, visit 3mpocketprojectors.com.
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