Leica quietly showcases D-Lux 5, redesigned X1 and rebranded DMC-FZ100

We're tucked away in Leica's high-brow design preview event here in Köln, and while it appears that the vast majority of those in attendance showed just to boast about their suit, we're strictly here for the gear. That being said, let us be the first to formally introduce you to the now-official D-Lux 5 rangefinder. Or, sort of official D-Lux 5. Unlike the M9 'Titanium' -- which the company spent a solid two hours boasting about -- the D-Lux 5 (a rebranded / tweaked LX5?) has been given nothing but a passing glance of affirmation, though we're anticipating a more formal release with specifications and the like tomorrow. Leica aficionados have likely been hearing whispers of this beaut for the past dozen months, but at long last, the unicorn has apparently transformed into a Gypsy Vanner. Though, still a mysterious one.

In case that's not exactly your cup of million-dollar tea, it appears that Panasonic's DMC-FZ100 -- deemed the world's best megazoom by critics back in August -- has been reborn as a Leica, though the shell doesn't appear to have changed at all. Of course, we've seen Leica pull this rebranding trick before, but we're sure the so-called V-Lux 2M is far superior in some way that we've yet to be informed about. Rounding out the round of mystique is the gently refashioned X1, which was seen sporting a far more luxurious casing compared to the original. Feel free to drown yourself in the images below, and keep it locked right here for more as we hear it. %Gallery-102818% %Gallery-102820% %Gallery-102821%