Early third-generation Kindle software update improves web browser, provides new way to feel e-litist

Ross Miller
R. Miller|09.21.10

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What better way to read up on your Republic of Gilead lore (whether or not such country allows you to read in the first place) than on a digital screen via firmware that's just a tinge futuristic. Amazon is offering an early preview of software update 3.0.2 for the latest generation of its Kindle reader. It's as simple dragging-and-dropping a file onto your device, jumping through the right menus, and waiting patiently for several minutes. What does it offer? "Web browser and general performance improvements," according to the site, and while the browser did seem a tad snappier, that could very well be a phantasmagoria of our optimism. Still, you do get to show all your friends you've got a newer version, and that's what really matters, right?
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