Devil May Cry reboot likened to James Bond's Casino Royale

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Devil May Cry reboot likened to James Bond's Casino Royale
The new version of Dante found in DmC: Devil May Cry -- you know, the one who has retroactively ruined every previous game in the franchise by having black hair -- was inspired by another refresh of a popular franchise, which also involved exciting new innovations in the field of hair color. Specifically, the Daniel Craig version of James Bond.

"When you see the Casino Royale remake," Capcom's Alex Jones explained to Eurogamer, "you see Bond before he's actually killed anyone, and it's a really traumatic event. He's rough-hewn, he's not polished or debonair, but you can see the essence of what that character will become. That's what we want to do with Dante. The core of him is there, it's just a rougher version. It's a becoming. He's not fully actualised." So this Dante might be surprised the first time a sword flies directly into his torso of his own accord.

"Of course long-time fans are worried about us handing over such a big title to another company, another development team," Capcom's Hideaki Itsuna said. He expressed his confidence in Ninja Theory and his belief that "they're very serious about making this game good." Itsuna explained that the reboot is intended to increase the fanbase by bringing in new buyers as well as Devil May Cry series fans. Well, at least those who aren't hung up on the hair color thing.
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