Sony Ericsson's CEO promises 'big surprises in the next few months' (video)

Vlad Savov
V. Savov|09.22.10

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Sony Ericsson's CEO promises 'big surprises in the next few months' (video)
The grand opening of Sony Ericsson's new Americas HQ in Atlanta isn't the sort of thing we spend sleepless nights thinking about, but a PSP Phone is. It's mighty encouraging, therefore, to hear the company's CEO Bert Nordberg tease "big surprises" coming from his team over the next few months. That revelation was accompanied by plentiful references to SE as an entertainment phone maker, a sly grin, and the usual disclaimer that "we never announce them in advance" -- though considering the gap between the Xperia X10 announcement and arrival to market, maybe Bert should reconsider that part. Either way, unless SE's big surprise is the delivery of a smartphone with an up-to-date OS and cutting-edge components on time (which would, admittedly, be a surprise), we're happy to take this as a sign that the Android 3.0-powered gaming platform-cum-smartphone is brewing nicely behind the scenes.

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