Tunebug now ready to Shake your cranium for $100

Vlad Savov
V. Savov|09.23.10

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Announced just before CES, tested by us at CES, and launching... erm, right about now: the Tunebug Shake, everybody! This helmet-attachable speaker has certainly taken its time to reach a marketable state, but let's look on the bright side -- it's now priced at $99.99, $20 cheaper than it was in January, and it remains a pretty unique piece of kit for the active gadget maven. The Shake uses SurfaceSound technology to channel vibrations into whatever it's attached to, using it as a de facto enlarged speaker surface. We weren't exactly blown away by the sound quality when we tried it, but time heals a lot of wounds (and product flaws). If you're sufficiently intrigued, you'll find video of the retail box contents after the break and orders can be placed at the source link below.
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Tunebug, Inc. Announces the Immediate Availability of the Tunebug® Shake - Turns any Helmet into a Personal Music Concert

The Tunebug® Shake employs Surface Sound Technology®, a unique approach to sound generation that allows sound waves to pass through a helmet's surface, eliminating earbuds and providing a safe listening experience while allowing users to stay aware of their environment

Sunnyvale, CA – (September 22, 2010) – TuneBug®, Inc. announces the immediate availability of the Tunebug Shake, a device that will transform the current landscape for mobile speaker products. Using patented surface sound technology, the Tunebug Shake is a small device that can be attached to any kind of helmet be it ski, snowboard, skateboard, cycling, or hard hat and sends sound waves through the surface of the helmet creating an overhead listening experience. The Tunebug Shake eliminates the need for earphones meaning sport enthusiasts can now rock out to their favorite tunes while safely maintaining awareness of their environment. It can be connected to iPods, MP3 players, mobile phones, or any other portable music device wirelessly using Bluetooth technology or by audio cable. It also features a rechargeable battery with about 5 hours of playtime and charges via the included USB cable. The Shake will be available $99.99 at a variety of retailers including select Apple Stores, Amazon.com and www.Tunebug.com.

"The Tunebug Shake offers a completely unique solution for listening to music while engaging in sports for bikers, skateboarders, snowboarders, skiers, and others who until now have not been able to listen to music safely while wearing a helmet" says Tami Bhaumik, Tunebug VP of Marketing.

Tunebug has also created the Tunebug Vibe, an elegantly designed device for people on the go that want to listen to their music anywhere. A great solution for iPod and MP3 users, the Vibe weighs only 5.3 oz. and is 2.3x1 inch in size and turns every day objects into music speakers. It charges via the included USB cord and can be connected to any mobile device that has a 3.5mm audio jack.

For more information regarding Tunebug, Inc products visit www.tunebug.com
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