TiVo banking on the software business, delays DirecTV HD unit to 2011

Sean Hollister
S. Hollister|09.26.10

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TiVo banking on the software business, delays DirecTV HD unit to 2011
It's been five years since TiVo first promised DirecTV customers an HD DVR and two years since the company reaffirmed that claim, so if you've been waiting patiently you probably know what we're going to say -- it's been delayed yet again. TiVo marketing VP Joe Miller told PC Magazine that the fabled DirecTiVo will actually appear "early next year," which should give you plenty of time to work out your rage. Before you storm off to your standard-definition video collection, however, there's another thing you might like to know: the executive also not-so-subtly suggested that TiVo's hardware business won't be a focus for long. In a series of increasingly telling quotes, Miller called software the company's "core competence," said it was "in our blood" and "the thing we do well," and even added that "the software is what we're all about." To be completely frank, TiVo has held the gold standard for DVR software for over a decade, but that's mostly because no one successfully stepped up to the plate -- not even TiVo itself, whose Premiere interface shipped the definition of half-baked. So when the company suggests that software is one of its strengths, please pardon a few chuckles from our corner of the room.
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