Microsoft prepping Windows Phone 7 for an October 21st launch? (update: US on Nov. 8?)

We'd heard October. We heard Europe in October. We heard next month. Now, Neowin cites anonymous sources that Windows Phone 7 will arrive in the UK, France, Spain, Germany and Italy on precisely October 21st, and is preparing a good deal of marketing fanfare to support a fancy October 11th unveiling in New York City. We can't say whether the rumor's correct, but it's certainly picking up steam, as these particular numbers were independently reported by Pocket-lint and the Spanish publication El Economista earlier this month as well. Now all we need is an alleged US release date -- misery loves company, right?

Update: Microsoft expert Paul Thurrott says that while Redmond's indeed holding an October 11th shindig in NYC, it's not a Windows Phone event... but his source tells him the long-lost US launch date is actually November 8th. Imagine that!

[Thanks, Stephen]