Nicalis details Cave Story's jump to DSiWare, WiiWare update coming

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In a recent interview with the DS aficionados of Tiny Cartridge, Nicalis' Tyrone Rodriguez dropped a few details about the upcoming DSiWare port of Studio Pixel's delightful action-platformer, Cave Story. He explained that while the portable version will have some of the new features added in the WiiWare version launched earlier this year, Nicalis "kept it relatively lean in comparison mainly because this is more a perfect port of the original game." To that effect, there won't be any touch-screen controls -- instead, the bottom screen will simply display dialogue, player inventory and the world map.

Rodriguez couldn't confirm any specifics on pricing or a release date, but said "I would love to have this out before Halloween," later adding "I'd be surprised if it isn't released before the end of the year." He also references an upcoming update for the WiiWare version of the game, which will "address a game-breaking bug and a ton of other fan-requested fixes." For more details on the future of the cavernous indie hit, check out the full interview on Tiny Cartridge.
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