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Sony outsourcing some image sensor production to Fujitsu

Whoa. Sony sure didn't mention anything about this at its Photokina press conference last week, but then again, it's not the most glamorous announcement to make. According to Reuters, Sony is aiming to "outsource some production of image sensors used in digital cameras and mobile phones to Fujitsu," and as you'd expect, it's being done in a bid to shave costs and "cope with tough global competition." According to a Sony spokesperson, the company has been mulling this decision for awhile, but it's unclear if this will have any further impact in Sony's employment numbers. It's also unclear why "some" sensor production will remain internal -- we're guessing that newfangled Translucent Mirror technology may have convinced the firm to keep the DSLR lines a bit closer to the chest. It's bruited that Sony will begin subcontracting output to Fujitsu later in the year, and it could shift even more output if things go swimmingly. Funny enough, an eerily similar scenario hit Sony's LCD department back in early 2008. What's next? Subcontracting Walkman production to Apple?