Samsung Captivate gets unofficial Froyo build, with Flash 10.1, mobile hotspot and more (video)

Now that your AT&T-locked Samsung Galaxy S can occasionally find satellites, you're probably hoping that the carrier kicks out some creamy Froyo as well, and it looks like that day isn't far away -- an unofficial but seemingly feature-complete Android 2.2 build is available for the Captivate right now. The faithful fiends at xda-developers have got build UCJI6 ready for download, which brings a mobile hotspot, Adobe Flash Player 10.1, the JIT compiler, Media Hub support, and a host of UI tweaks to boot. Instructions are available at the links below to walk you through the process, assuming you've already got root, have backed up all your files and are willing to take the risks in case this leaked build isn't as official as it seems. See a video walkthrough of the new software right after the break.

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