T-Mobile G2 on sale right now

West of the Rockies? Want a T-Mobile G2 before (practically) anyone else? You may be able to grab your HSPA+ handset right now. We had it on good authority that T-Mobile corporate decided to match Radio Shack and release the G2 three days early, but we got a pleasant surprise when we called to verify that fact -- several stores in California, Oregon and Washington state said we could buy one today if we wanted, and even those who didn't said they'd have it tomorrow if we could bear the wait. Of course, it's less than two hours to closing on the west coast and we can't guarantee the handsets are there -- so give them a call yourself -- and be sure to buckle up if you plan to rush out. It also couldn't hurt to read our full preview, of course, and if you grab one please do let us know how your hinges hold up.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]