NTT DoCoMo's ion-generating phone is literally a breath of fresh air

Sharp has been working on miniaturizing its so-called Plasmacluster line of ion-generating products as of late, most recently with the pocketable IG-CM1. Well, imagine if you took an IG-CM1 and duct-taped it to the back of a Japanese-style flip phone... what would you get? You'd get something like this concept being shown off at CEATEC, we think. Found in the booths of both Sharp and NTT DoCoMo, the basic idea is that the phone surrounds you with pleasant, invigorating ions while you chat away, repelling viruses and generally making you a better, happier, and healthier human being; in addition to the functional prototype, DoCoMo was also showing off totally fake (and considerably sexier) design concepts of how a personal ion generator / phone combo could look down the road. We're not aware of any commercialization plans here -- but considering that Plasmacluster technology comes pre-installed on some Toyota cars sold around the world, it's not a far leap to say that we could see it in a production phone, too. We suppose.