PS Move SMG accessory is not a rifle, it is a gun, it is not for fighting, it is for fun

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|10.07.10

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When Sony announced its PlayStation Move it went ahead and threw out a bunch of accessories at the same time -- a charging stand and even a cheesy light gun attachment. The intent was obvious, trying to get ahead of those third parties who've filled whole aisles at your local Target and Walmart with cheap plastic Wii clip-ons, but you just had to know they'd catch up. CTA Digital, who earlier brought us the classy Wii bowling ball controller, is coming out shooting with a submachine gun peripheral that it aptly calls "Submachine Gun." Clip your glowy Move baton up front, slide the nunchuck thing in the grip, and start huntin' Helgath. The stock and scope are removable (shown after the break), in case you're fighting in the close confines of a dorm or studio apartment, while the "quasi-futuristic styling" is perfect for your faux-military tastes. Shipping in late November, this can be yours for $29.99. Oh, and don't worry, we won't cover every junky Move accessory that comes along. We predict a flood of the things.

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