AT&T offering a free month of Zune to folks who buy a Windows Phone 7 handset this year (update: 3-month Zune Pass from MS, and free Xbox 360s in Austria!)

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We already knew AT&T was giving away ilomilo and a free month of U-verse Mobile to folks who buy one of its glorious Windows Phone 7 phones. What else? Well, AT&T is tossing in a free month of Zune Pass for good measure. Now, Microsoft already offers 14 day free trials to the Zune-curious, and there's nothing stopping other carriers or Microsoft itself extending this deal to the rest of the world -- we think the "first one's free" method of addiction generation is particularly great for subscription music. Still, it's nice to know AT&T has such an offer sewn up. Now that the Xbox is getting a native Zune UI at long last, how about a free month of Zune for Xbox Live subscribers as well? Microsoft can afford it.

[Thanks, Morgan G.]

Update: We just heard that Austrian carrier A1's offering a free Xbox 360 4GB to everyone signing up for or extending a contract for a HTC Trophy on October 21st only, and there'll also be a Xbox 360 raffle for 360 lucky pre-orderers. If you so desire, A1 will also let you sign up for two contracts and take two Xboxes home as well. Our tipster added that the company isn't known for doing giveaways, so it's very likely that it's getting a little help from Microsoft. [Thanks, Ben M.]

And speaking of which, another eagle-eyed reader spotted that Microsoft is giving away three-month Zune Passes to those signing up for the WP7 pre-order notification and actually buying a phone. Go get it while it's hot! [Thanks, Bryan]
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