Select Time Warner Cable customers gain remote DVR services not-so-fashionably late

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Select Time Warner Cable customers gain remote DVR services not-so-fashionably late
If ever there was a moment Time Warner Cable deserved to be honored with an inspirational slow clap, let it be now. That's because it finally announced remote DVR service support -- a feature both Verizon FiOS and Dish Network subscribers have enjoyed for over a year. Intuitively dubbed Remote DVR Manager, it only works now via the web -- TWC iOS app teasers be damned -- and provides expected services like recording one-offs or scheduling entire series. Canceling previously scheduled recordings is also available, though deleting old content to clear more space for Glee isn't. There are plenty of other dubious caveats, like some services not being available to CableCARD users or on all TWC equipment, and remote DVR services not working on all mobile phones through its mobile optimized site. Furthermore, the service has only officially launched in five markets including: the Carolinas region, northeast region, New York city region, San Antonio, Texas, and San Diego / Desert Cities. Come October 29th, the service will expand to include five more regions, with national coverage dragging until who knows when. For full Time Warner pat ourselves-on-the-back details and a PDF user guide, hit the source link below.

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