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WaterField cases are another reason to buy a new MacBook Air

WaterField cases are another reason to buy a new MacBook Air
Steve Sande
Steve Sande|@stevensande|October 22, 2010 3:00 PM

I need a new MacBook Air like I need a third eye (in other words, I don't need one), but when the first press release we received after the announcement on Wednesday was about some MacBook Air cases from WaterField Designs, I could feel my resolve slipping rapidly.

This company is based in San Francisco (Go Giants!) and is known for making nice looking and rugged cases for a variety of devices. Their iPad Exo SleeveCase, for example, is a customizable bag that can be trimmed in leather, outfitted with a choice of straps, and will even fit an iPad that's already wearing an Apple iPad case.

Well, the object of my desire is their Laptop SleeveCase, which comes in new sizes to snugly fit the new MacBook Air models. The cases are available for pre-order, with shipping scheduled for October 29th. The price depends on what accessories you get -- just the bare SleeveCase will put you back US$37, while one that is outfitted with leather trim, a closable flap, a suspension strap, and a piggyback pouch with leather trim will run up the cost to $111.

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Not now

I must go lock away my credit cards before I end up buying one of these and a MacBook Air. Sigh.

[via Macsimum News]

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