Ality's backlit WeeBoard: yet another bantam RF HTPC keyboard

Darren Murph
D. Murph|10.26.10

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Ality's backlit WeeBoard: yet another bantam RF HTPC keyboard
Quite frankly, you've probably got more mini keyboard options than you need, but given that Ality decided to throw backlighting into its latest, we're giving it the edge over the other guys. The aptly named WeeBoard is an RF-based wireless keyboard that's designed for use on the couch, likely in conjunction with your HTPC. There's also an integrated optical trackpad for moving a mouse cursor, and there's even a row of customizable media shortcut keys for launching specific applications and actions quickly. It's expected to go on sale direct from Ality this December, with a retail price of $79.99 -- hang tight if you're looking for retail distribution partners. %Gallery-105925%
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Ality Launches the Cutting Edge Wireless Multimedia Keyboard

Seamlessly Control Mac and PC Media Centers at the Palm of Your Hand

Hong Kong, 22 October, 2010 – Ality today introduced the WeeBoardTM Mini Wireless Keyboard, the world's most innovative mini wireless multimedia keyboard that is compatible with all PC and Mac-powered devices, offering users a seamless and complete home entertainment experience through a tiny dongle.

As a pioneer product in the market, WeeBoardTM Mini Wireless Keyboard is designed to meet the needs of both PC and Mac users for up-to-date and efficient media consumption. The backlit keypad of WeeBoardTM makes PC controlling in the dark a hassle-free experience. With a single hand operated optical trackpad that outperforms any trackball and mouse, cursor movement is made easier than ever. Users can also freely customize their "media" shortcut keys for immediate and direct media control.

With promising RF transmission within 10m controlled-distance, the slim and light-weighted WeeBoardTM Mini Wireless Keyboard allows users to control their own PC and Mac-powered devices at home anytime and anywhere. Users can also easily command their TV and other home entertainment devices that are connected to PC and Mac media centers using this tiny dongle.

In addition, "Environmental friendly" concept powers WeeBoardTM Mini Wireless Keyboard with rechargeable battery which saves thousands of batteries. Design with aluminum finishing shell, the compact and stylish high-end product helps to showcase the users' taste and innate sense of style.

As Apple TV and Google TV make their way into millions of homes, consumers are increasingly getting the next-generation of entertainment at their homes through the Web via their TVs and computers. This will become a global trend that revolutionizes the way consumers get their entertainment. Consumers will soon be enjoying their familiar cable or satellite programming and additional content from around the web while they surf the web with a full browser. A multi-function tool like WeeBoardTM allows easy and instant control of internet-enabled home entertainment devices, and yet is compact enough to compliment the new interactive entertainment experience.

Combining all handy and personalized functions and putting total control into the palm of your hand, WeeBoardTM Mini Wireless Keyboard is no doubt your best home entertainment partner in the coming internet TV era.

WeeBoardTM Mini Wireless Keyboard will be available for sale worldwide on the Ality's website coming Christmas, with a retail price of US$79.99. Retail distribution channels will be announced shortly.

1. 2.4GHz ISM band RF Transmission with tiny dongle
2. Backlit keypad
3. Optical trackpad
4. Rechargeable with lithium polymer battery, 3.7V 900mAh
5. Product size: 129 x 13 x 86 mm


About Ality
Ality is a Hong Kong based Consumer Electronics Company, founded in 2006, specializing in elegant yet simple consumer electronics for the modern home. Ality currently produces a range of digital photo frames, universal remote and media centre control devices. For more information, please visit
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