Get ready for Halloween in Aika with our Pran costume giveaway!

Halloween is almost upon us, bringing tricks, treats, and costumes in most MMOs.

Aika is no exception -- the game's charming little Pran sidekicks are just as anxious to enjoy the festivities as any player, so gPotato has made arrangements for them to do just that. We have 1,000 Pran Halloween costume packages to share with you guys. Each package contains a rare Spooky Mask, a set of Skeleton Wings and Headband, all of which will last for 20 days -- plenty of time for your Pran to celebrate the spooky season. To top it off, the package also includes an Enriched Rubicine Extract.

You have until November 27th to get your code, so head to our giveaway page to get your Pran outfitted for Halloween!

Pick up your Pran Halloween costume package!