Look into the lore of Forsaken World

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Look into the lore of Forsaken World
With the first phase of closed beta in Forsaken World now underway, we're getting more tasty tidbits of information on this new MMO from Perfect World Entertainment. For those who didn't manage to make it into the first batch of beta testers, or those who are simply curious for a bit more information on the lore of Eyrda, we have a shiny new trailer for you!

In this new video, we're introduced to the two gods behind the Forsaken World; Dyos and Nyos, as well as their children and creations. The Advent trailer also gives us a look at the different races that now populate Eyrda, and some great looking in-game footage. So, if you're curious about the story behind this new free-to-play MMO, hit the break and check out the loretastic eyecandy.

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