Personal shopping discontinued in Apple Stores

Sam Abuelsamid
S. Abuelsamid|11.03.10

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Personal shopping discontinued in Apple Stores
Apple retail stores are typically very busy places. While the staff are very helpful, customers generally have to wait around a bit before being served. Fortunately, Apple has offered a reservation system for services like the Genius Bar and training sessions. Unfortunately, one previously available service, personal shopping now seems to be gone.

With personal shopping, customers could make an appointment up to two weeks in advance to have a staff member provide personalized assistance in picking out the right ways to spend money in the store. It's not clear why the service has been discontinued but customers can still get help with selecting the right Apple products. The only difference is that they'll now need to stand in line. Of course, good things are worth waiting for and who doesn't want to hang around the Apple store playing with iPads and Macs for a couple of hours?
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