Droid Pro on sale a little early, shipping now

Verizon's been all kinds of leaky and loose with its Android lineup lately -- the Samsung Continuum was anything but a surprise, the Droid 2 Global is now on sale before even being officially announced, and now the Droid Pro is also on sale well ahead of its scheduled November 18th launch date. Whoops! If you'll recall, the Pro was only supposed to be up for pre-order now, but it's actually listed as "add to cart" on Verizon's site and tipsters have gotten overnight ship confirmations. Sure, we'll take early delivery of what should be one of Big Red's hottest phones -- but we can't help but wonder if Verizon's being this sloppy with device launches right now because it's focused on nailing the high-profile debut of something around January.

[Thanks, Matt and anonymous]