Apple-1 computer going on auction at Christie's in London

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|11.12.10

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Apple-1 computer going on auction at Christie's in London

One of the original Apple-1 computers -- that's right, the wood-encased PCs that Steves Jobs and Wozniak built in the garage all those years ago -- is going up for auction at Christie's in London. There were only about 200 sold back in 1976 (for $666.66, of course) and only a few still left around today, but this one's going up on the auction block. And it's got all of the original materials included, apparently, including the original manual (with that old Apple Computer Co. logo) and a letter from Steve Jobs himself, answering questions about which keyboards and monitors to use with the PC.

The sale will go down on November 23rd, and the price is expected to reach £150,000, or about $242k. Honestly, it'd be nice to see this either bought up by Apple themselves (though Jobs must still have even more interesting treasures from back in those days), or by a museum somewhere. But even if it goes to a private collector, whoever picks it up will likely understand how important it is anyway, and they can make sure to preserve this piece of Apple history.

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