Quebec City Apple Store opening this weekend at Place Ste. Foy

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|11.12.10

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Quebec City Apple Store opening this weekend at Place Ste. Foy
Another weekend, another brand new Apple Store opening! This time, it's Canada's Quebec City store, which was announced quite a while ago, but is only now cutting the red ribbon (we're kidding -- they don't actually cut ribbons at these things, but they do give away a lot of t-shirts). The picture above is from TUAW reader Carl, who says he's excited to be at his first Apple Store opening ever. Good luck, Carl!

The grand opening for the store, in Place Ste. Foy, starts at 9:30am on Saturday morning, though you'll probably want to get there a little early if you really want to be first through the doors. Make sure you install the Apple Store app before you go, so you can give that a try. And being as it's in Quebec, the store will even be offering classes and workshops in French. To our brothers in the French Canadian north, bonne chance! Profiter!
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