Samsung NX 100 gets reviewed, deemed a good option for the CSC curious

We've shared exclusives of Samsung's NX100 in the wild, gone hands on and even completed a quick and dirty mini review at Photokina this year, and for the most part walked away impressed by its i-Function lens controls and wallet-friendly price. Now, the folks at Photography Blog have shared their own exhaustive review of the mirror-less camera and recommend the NX10's little brother as a good option with a high-quality APS-C sensor for those looking to dip their toes in the Compact System Camera waters. However they were less enthused about the NX100's i-Function controls than we were, feeling the concept would work better on units with electronic viewfinders (which they missed on the NX100) -- since they can be held close to the eye as opposed to at arm's length. The lack of a built-in pop-up flash, and optical or in-body stabilisation was also a disappointment. Benefits like a good Smart Auto scene selection system, competitive focusing speed, and an impressive AMOLED 3-inch screen were mentioned as redeeming high points though, which combined with rock-bottom pricing, put the camera in a unique competition-undercutting position. For more juicy details, be sure to hit up the review link below.