Samsung NX100 hands-on (video)

We're expecting to get our grubby paws on an NX100 later today for some longer-term testing, but for now, we wanted to go ahead and get you our initial impressions after handling the new mirrorless compact for a couple of minutes following Samsung's Photokina 2010 press event. The device itself is far smaller than the NX10 of last year, but it's still decidedly solid, if not a touch thick. The 20mm pancake lens on the model we tested was well built, and the i-Function capabilities were downright impressive. It took us a tick to grok how it works, but a good 30 seconds of learning presented us with loads of on-the-fly flexibility. You simply tap the i-Function button with your right hand in order to select what type of setting you'd like to change (exposure, ISO, shutter speed, etc.), and then rotate the wheel on the lens in either direction in order to change the value.

Despite our doubts, it actually worked beautifully, and now we're eager to see this type of technology on even more cameras (even if its reserved for Samsung's range). The 3-inch AMOLED on the rear was also stunning, sharp and bright, and the whole thing fit in our hands well. We're still fond of our DSLR for most things, but we could totally see a unit like this making the most sense for amateurs who aren't fond of lugging around something so gigantic. Ergonomics, design and i-Function? All were stellar -- here's hoping the image and video quality meet those same standards, and we'll be bringing you those opinions just as soon as we can form them. Video's after the break, if you're thirsty for more. %Gallery-102746% %Gallery-102745%

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