Jolibook to cost £279 in the UK, could be with us tomorrow

Netbooks might no longer be the sexy must-have accessory they once were, but maybe having Jolicloud's custom Linux-based OS on board will sway people to give this one a second look. Yes, the Jolibook that we so recently saw for the first time is about to make its retail debut, with the UK getting the first opportunity to spill some cash on it. Netbook News reports the precise levy will be £279 ($443), while the Wall Street Journal has word that the whole shebang could start as early as tomorrow. That price is, as promised, competitive, but it's not quite cheap enough to attract buyers all by itself -- Jolicloud will have to hope its OS is as good in long-term use as it's looked in brief glimpses so far, in which case this 10.1-incher shouldn't have much trouble justifying its cost.