Jolicloud 1.0 demonstrated on Acer Aspire One 533, coming to your netbook soon

We're always skeptical when it comes to underground operating systems whipped up for one specific purpose, but Jolicloud has managed to continually impress us with each passing build. Now, at long last, the netbook-centric OS has arrived at the magical 1.0, and our comrades over at Netbook News have managed to score an early copy. Better still, they're showcasing it on Acer's just-released Aspire One 533, and if the bootup speed is any indication, we'd say the two are a match made in heaven. The 1.0 version sure looks grown-up compared to those earlier builds, and while we suspect it would take a bit of getting used to before we really found ourselves comfortable in an app-driven desktop OS, we definitely like the looks of it. Feel free to hop on past the break for a lengthy video demonstration of the refaced system, and if you're currently using an earlier version, the company has informed the world that upgrades will start slipping out as early as this week.

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