Unannounced 65-inch edge-lit LED TV with passive 3D glasses shows up on

Making plans to invite the whole neighborhood to watch the BCS National Championship in 3D? For large groups, the best option may be this 65-inch Theater 3D LCD HDTV that posters on AVSForum spotted today on VIZIO's website, since its screen is polarized for use with passive 3D glasses like the ones used at most movie theaters. Since all the cost is in the $3,699 screen, the individual pairs of glasses are far cheaper than the battery powered active shutter glasses used by other 3DTVs currently available. The specs show this one is a 120Hz edge lit LED unit, unlike the 480Hz local dimming 3D sets the company announced earlier this week, but we'll wait for an official announcement and a release date before deciding if that makes a difference.