Dell US now offering Streak unlocked with Froyo, in Cherry Red

We knew good and well that Android 2.2 was sneaking out and making itself active on Dell's unlocked Streak units, but now it seems that the backlog of older units has been cleared. That has made way for new stock over at Dell's US site, with a 16GB Carbon Black unlocked Streak going for $579.99 with Froyo from the factory; the 32GB model is listed at $678.99. Curiously, that 16GB model is $30 more than what the unlocked Android 1.6 model went for back in August. Also, we're left to assume that even the "unlocked" models will still be SIM-locked to AT&T, though Dell does play up the fact that unlocked Streaks can be used as a mobile hotspot for up to eight WiFi-enabled devices without ponying up extra to Ma Bell. In related news, the long-awaited Cherry Red Streak is also on sale in the US of A, but you'll have to flip to page two down in the source link in order to find the 32GB and unlocked variants. Good luck wading through the options, champ.

[Thanks, Jar Jar Binks]