Get early access to ilomilo on Xbox Live ... right now!

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Get early access to ilomilo on Xbox Live ... right now!
Adorable puzzle game ilomilo may already be out (for free, no less) on Windows Phone 7 devices, but did you know you can play it on your Xbox 360 as well, like, right now? A dutiful tipster pointed us to the developer's website, where a "super secret" access page gives out an Xbox Live code that redeems for the trial version of the game.

As you probably already put together, downloading the trial version of ilomilo also means that -- if you're willing to shell out the 800 MS Points ($10) it costs -- you can totally buy the full game. More bizarre? The game doesn't have an official release date just yet. So, you can buy it right now and tell your friends you're on that new, new, new ish. That "hasn't even been given a release date" ish, you know?

[Thanks blahman!]
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