Bell Mobility launches Netgear Turbo Hub, sends juicy HSPA+ to your WiFi and Ethernet gear

Canada's Bell appears to be taking advantage of Netgear's partnership with Ericsson on this one, putting its 21Mbps HSPA+ network to good use. Not to say that phones aren't a great use for high-speed data, of course, but that's enough bandwidth to realistically replace a home internet connection or two -- and that's exactly what the so-called MBR 1210 Turbo Hub sets out to do, spreading an incoming Bell data signal over up to 15 devices connected via WiFi and Ethernet. Interestingly, it also allows users to use the HSPA+ hookup as an automatic fallback in case your primary connection (say, DSL or cable) fails -- perfect for us "blog or die" types. You'll pay CAD $149.95 (about $147) on a two-year deal to put a Turbo Hub on your shelf, or CAD $299.95 ($294) sans contract; plans, meanwhile, range from CAD $35 to $60 ($34 to $59) for between 3GB and 10GB of data (no metric / English conversion necessary there) with a $10 surcharge to gain access to the 21Mbps signal -- you get 7.2Mbps otherwise. It's a pretty creative plan structure, and we're sure folks would appreciate an unlimited option... preferably without any extra speed fees. Follow the break for the full press release.

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Bell launches exclusive Turbo Hub on Canada's Best Network

Powerful portable Internet device offers remote communities fast wireless residential
high-speed access for the same competitive price as urban areas

MONTREAL, Nov. 30 2010 -- Bell today announced the exclusive launch of the high-speed NETGEAR Turbo Hub, offering both rural and urban clients a fast - up to 21 Megabits per second - and portable wireless alternative to fixed broadband.

"Operating on Bell's world-leading HSPA+ network, the new NETGEAR Turbo Hub provides clients in rural communities with the same high-speed Internet service on Canada's Best Network as in urban areas, and at the same price," said Adel Bazerghi, Senior Vice President of Products at Bell Mobility.

The NETGEAR Turbo Hub is an easy plug-and-play product that does not require a visit from an installation technician or additional software, making the device easily portable between home, cottage and business. Able to support 15 simultaneous Internet connections through Ethernet and/or Wi-Fi, the NETGEAR Turbo Hub also provides customers with fully automated wireless connectivity backup in the event of fixed broadband service interruption.

The NETGEAR 21 Mbps capable Turbo Hub is available exclusively from Bell for $149.95 on a 2-year term or for $299.95 with no term. Data rate plans for the NETGEAR Turbo Hub start at $35 a month for up to 3 Gigabytes (GB) and adjust to the best rate available depending on monthly data usage. Clients must subscribe to an optional $10 data feature to achieve the maximum download speed of up to 21 Megabits per second (Mbps).

For more information, please visit or call 1-888-4MOBILE (1-888-466-2453).