EVE Online: Incursion boosts into stage one

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|11.30.10

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EVE Online: Incursion boosts into stage one
"Engines?" "Go Flight!" "Life support?" "Go Flight!" "Brutal politics and savage mining in the dark, hard vacuum of space?" "Go Flight!"

And thus, with a proud tear in the corner of our eye, we salute the liftoff of the first stage of EVE Online's latest expansion, Incursion. Although the expansion has been fractured into three parts to ensure quality -- with the second coming in mid-December and the third in January -- Incursion 1.0.0 is worth checking out for a brand-new salvage ship, the Noctis, and many game improvements and fixes.

This patch is also notable for the increased amount of graphics options, including windowed mode, the ability to split the game between two monitors, and the introduction of anti-aliasing.

You can read the patch notes at EVE Online, visit the Incursion website, and prepare yourself for the game-changer that is this expansion with the help of our very own Brendan Drain!
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