LG invents imaginary 1GHz processor requirement to say Optimus One won't get Gingerbread

So here's the story: dude asks LG's US mobile team on Facebook when the Optimus One -- the basis for the various Optimus devices that have launched recently on American carriers -- will be getting Android 2.3. LG responds saying that "the minimum requirements for Gingerbread require 1 GHz processor," hence, no update's in the cards. Well, Android lead Dan Morrill took to Twitter to drop some knowledge, saying "there's no hard minimum processor requirement for Gingerbread... trust me, if there were I'd know." In other words, whoever's manning the ship on LG's Facebook account is either sorely underinformed or showed some awful judgment in choosing a lie to justify keeping the Optimus off the upgrade path. Sure, we can understand why LG wouldn't want to temper excitement for a still-new smartphone line by telling buyers their phones won't be receiving the next version of the platform, but the least they could've done is formulated a reasonable excuse, no?