iPadLock protects your iPad from thieves

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Steve Sande
December 8th, 2010
iPadLock protects your iPad from thieves

Travelers with iPads have a bit of a dilemma. There's no way to lock the iPad to a heavy piece of furniture to keep it from walking off when you leave the room and somebody else decides to pick it up.

Maclocks.com has a new way to resolve the problem. They've just introduced the iPadLock, which is a combination of a special case and a traditional laptop cable lock. The case is made of very hard plastic and holds the iPad. On the side is a standard security slot into which a cable lock can be introduced. The result? It's easy to lock down your iPad. According to Maclocks, once the lock and the case are joined together, thieves can't remove the case without damaging the iPad.

The iPadLock is available with (US$64.95) and without ($39.95) the cable lock, so if you happen to have a spare lock hanging around, you don't need to spend the extra quid to get a duplicate.

There are less expensive ways to secure your iPad while traveling. Many hotels have in-room safes in which you can store a stack of iPads, or you can just carry it with you all of the time -- an iPad isn't exactly a heavyweight object. What do you use to secure your iPad? Leave us a comment below.

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