Steve Jobs, in doll form

Steve Jobs showed up on my doorstep today...and he's a lot smaller in person. Okay, no, not the real Steve Jobs, but his incredible lifelike miniature. Many of you probably remember the big uproar a few weeks back that Apple had about M.I.C Gadget, a blog about Chinese life and subculture, manufacturing a doll in the great one's likeness. And now I can see why. After some very generous Christmas elves just sent me one of the coveted Steve Jobs dolls, I'm struck by just how lifelike it is.

Everything from the detail on the iPhone in his hand to the crow's feet around his eyes are eerily realistic. More so, the quality of the figurine is, well... Apple-level. The paint job is stunning. The Apple logo base is precisely carved and solid in the hand. Steve's glasses are made of wire frame and removable. Even the pattern in his New Balance shoes resemble the ones he actually wears.

When the doll went on sale for US$79.99, many scoffed at its price. But given it was limited to 300 units and the quality of the craftsmanship ended up being quite high, the company wasn't asking too much for it in my opinion. Too bad Apple quelled the doll and it never made it to open market. Something tells me the ones that did escape Hong Kong are going to be selling for premiums in the years to come as this is sure to be one of the hottest Apple collectibles ever.

I've added a gallery below that shows off some of the intricate details of the figurine.