Notion Ink releases Adam demo video, attempts to explain itself (update: second vid)

As promised
, Notion Ink has just released a video of the Adam tablet in action, complete with that snazzy new Eden UI -- the first anyone's seen of the device since its first working prototype. While the footage itself is of disappointingly low quality, it seems to show a device somewhat worthy of the hype, with a responsive screen, a multitask-friendly interface and plug 'n play peripherals -- though we're holding out for Pixel Qi screen tests and some closeup shots before we place any orders ourselves. Notion Ink singled out vocal critic AndroidPolice to launch the (seemingly incomplete) video and gave the publication an exclusive interview too, so take your lingering doubts about the tablet's capabilities and head on down to our source links.

Update: Now in 720p!

Update 2: There's a brand-new video after the break, showing off more Eden UI, a speedy PDF reader, and the Adam's virtual keyboard -- and reportedly all shot in daylight to boot.

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