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Humble Indie Bundle hits $1.2 million, promises Steam integration

Humble Indie Bundle hits $1.2 million, promises Steam integration
Mike Schramm
Mike Schramm|December 20, 2010 6:00 PM

The Humble Indie Bundle 2 has reached $1.2 million in revenue, topping the last offering, and there are five days left to go, so the turnout for the pay-what-you-want gaming pack should be pretty spectacular. All of the games were previously announced as released on both Mac and PC, but the group has also hammered out a deal with Steam to optionally give out keys for the games on that service if you so choose. That means that even if you don't have Steam, you can get the games on their own, but if you do, you can pay whatever price you want, and get all five of the games (two of them when they actually debut on the service) through Valve's downloadable game app.

That's a pretty spectacular deal -- you can download the games through Steam onto any other computers you happen to have, and as before, you can still give all, some or none of the money you pay to your choice of charities. Mac donations are above the average, but still nowhere near as high as Linux donations. If you do head over there and pick up the bundle, be sure to represent your OS of choice when you do. As I said, there are five days left, but if you're a gamer and want any one of these games, this deal is more than worth getting in on before it ends.

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