Mysterious Sony VAIO tablet PC drops by the FCC

Joanna Stern
J. Stern|12.21.10

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Mysterious Sony VAIO tablet PC drops by the FCC
Well, would you look at what we found lounging around the FCC -- it's a Sony tablet PC, alright, but the problem is we just don't know much more than that. Filed just today and submitted by a VAIO Business Group representative, the elusive tablet seems to be WiFi-only with 802.11b/g plus single band n, and it's likely to come in a few different flavors as there are a few confusing model numbers listed. Do PCG-31211L, PCG-31311L, PCG-312xxL (where 'x' can be any given number or letter) mean anything to you? Unfortunately, that's really all we can glean from the documents -- beyond the label you're peering at above, Sony has managed to keep the external photos, user manual, and test setup pics confidential until January 20th. Of course, that has us thinking that it might show its touchscreen self at CES, which means until then, we'll be dreaming up magical specs and features for this thing. Care to partake in that wonderful pastime? Dream big in the comments.

Update: We just heard from a proven Sony source of ours who claims that this is actually a mismarked Sony VAIO Y series laptop and that there won't be a VAIO tablet unveil at CES. Doesn't sound too promising, but there's no telling what will actually go down in Vegas...
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